Granny’s FARM

My childhood’s sacred place – a palace of laughter. And weeping, sometimes…or… most of the time. Then again, I can’t really say that my Granny had a FARM, it was rather…> > >

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a long narrow garden with a pompous white rooster and his few chicks. Other inhabitants were rather shy. Or maybe it was me, cause somehow I could not make friends with all those “disgusting” bugs, ants, and other creeping vermins…ooh…they were driving me insane.

Still…it was a place where I grow my first carrots, set a tree-climbing record and got sick from cherries, inter alia. Today, after all these ” disgusting” bugs’ clan finally took over and convert this Granny’s FARM to a mysterious jungle…or is it a jungle of mystery?!

Anyway, this first published tee collection is a modest set of memories of this small piece of land. Animals are often used as a metaphor for human characteristics; this first collection is looking for those heroic individuals who have their own opinion and are not afraid of sharing it with the world. Individuals who are aware that human greatness is not the a question of size, race,…